Arsenic is abundant in our environment from a myriad of sources. It is naturally occurring and widely distributed through the Earth's crust. It is also used in a number of industrial applications and can be found is some pesticides as well. All these sources lead to the introduction of arsenic into our drinking water systems

Arsenic doesn't flavor, color, or scent the water. It has the sensory impressions that would say to you "This is good water." Unlike pathogenic surface water, arsenic-tainted groundwater doesn't sicken you right away. One can ingest low doses for eight to 14 years before white or black spots, called melanosis, start marking the skin. If the poisoning continues, scaly, leprosy-like skin lesions then encrust the palms and soles, eventually rotting into gangrenous ulcers. Latter stages include cancers, renal diseases and eventually, death.

In our service area, the Dare County municipal water system in North Carolina has regularly had arsenic levels which exceed federal drinking water standards.

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